Online Hydroponic Farming Training in India

Hydroponic farming training in India (Features / Scope)

Module 1 General Introduction

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hydroponics

  • Definition and history of hydroponics
  • Advantages and disadvantages of hydroponic farming
  • Comparison of hydroponic farming with traditional farming methods

Lesson 2: Hydroponic Systems and Components

  • Overview of the different types of hydroponic systems, including NFT, drip irrigation, and ebb and flow systems
  • Components of a hydroponic system, including pumps, reservoirs, grow beds, and lighting systems
  • Importance of system design and maintenance

Lesson 3: Growing Media and Nutrient Solutions

  • Overview of growing media options for hydroponic systems, including perlite, coconut coir, and rockwool
  • Types of nutrient solutions and their importance for plant growth
  • Nutrient management and solution monitoring strategies

Lesson 4: Hydroponic Crop Production

  • Overview of the crops that can be grown hydroponically
  • Factors affecting hydroponic crop growth, including temperature, humidity, and lighting
  • Strategies for optimizing crop yields and minimizing crop losses

Lesson 5: Emerging Hydroponic Technologies

  • Overview of emerging hydroponic technologies, such as vertical farming, aeroponics, and aquaponics
  • Advantages and disadvantages of emerging technologies
  • Potential for future development and expansion of hydroponic farming technologies.

Module 2 – Technical Aspects of Hydroponics

  • Commercial Hydroponics Systems & Home-Grown Hydroponics systems, Kitchen Garden setup, Terrace Hydroponics Setups
  • Indoor and Outdoor Hydroponics
  • Polyhouse, Green House Structure Development
  • Irrigation System
  • Crop Selection & Yield Cycles
  • Types of Crops which can be Grown using Hydroponics
  • Nutrition System – Nutrition Information Macro and Micro – Role of EC and PH.
  • Different factors affecting the Hydroponics Crop and how to overcome them.
  • Usage of Various Hydroponics Equipments
  • Automation
  • Operational Aspects of Hydroponics systems

Module 3 – Commercial Aspects of Hydroponics Farming

Lesson 1: Introduction to Commercial Hydroponics Farming

  • Overview of commercial hydroponic farming and its market potential
  • Market demand for hydroponically grown crops
  • Business opportunities and challenges in commercial hydroponic farming

Lesson 2: Business Planning and Management

  • Importance of business planning in hydroponic farming
  • Key components of a hydroponic farming business plan
  • Financial management strategies for hydroponic farming businesses

Lesson 3: Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • Developing a marketing plan for hydroponic crops
  • Target market identification and segmentation
  • Pricing strategies for hydroponic crops

Lesson 4: Legal and Regulatory Considerations

  • Overview of legal and regulatory considerations for hydroponic farming businesses
  • Permits and licenses required for hydroponic farming operations
  • Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations

Lesson 5: Scaling up Hydroponic Farming Operations

  • Strategies for scaling up hydroponic farming operations
  • Factors to consider when expanding hydroponic farming businesses
  • Investment and financing options for scaling up hydroponic farming operations.

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