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Hydroponics is soilless plant cultivation using nutrient-rich water. It’s a more sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional agriculture, with higher yields and lower resource usage.


(1)-ROOTNSHOOTS  was formed on 26th feb 2018, with an aim to bring technological gap and produce better quality yields in agriculture .

(2)-Company was formed by Abhishek.And he was familiar with the difficulties being faced in agriculture sector as his families was still involved in practicing agriculture on ancestral lands.

(3)- Analysing these challenges, he planned to design a model which is capable off solving those challenges on a single platform.

(4)-Our Hydroponic farms are modular examples where we bring our Infrastruculture, Technology,Packaging and Market linkage capabilities on a platform which could be replicated at different levels and different geographies.



Consistent quality -Our systems are fully automated with crop specific sensors so that all plants get water and nutrition  in judicious manner. This makes our veggies and herbs consistent in size,shape and flavour.

Residue free – Since food is grown in a controlled environment without the usage of insecti-cide and pesticides, it ensures that we get residue free food.

 Freshness – We grow within city limits, meaning that our produce can be packed and delivered to your door step with in a few hours. It ensures low carbon footprint too.

Customisation – We are a bunch of enthusiastic farmers who look to experiment with our products based on a particular chef’s demand. This helps in customising products with re-
spect to demand and nutritional content.

Eco  friendly – Our Hydroponic systems use up to 80% less water than conventional farming. Our power needs are met by solar power which makes our farm sustainable and eco friendly.

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Consulting & Estimation

Hydroponics consultation involves designing and setting up a soilless cultivation system, while estimation includes cost analysis of equipment and maintenance.

Proceed To Work

Working with Hydroponics involves monitoring and adjusting nutrient levels, pH, temperature, and lighting to maintain plant health and maximize yield.

Design & ChooseMaterial

Designing a Hydroponic system involves selecting appropriate materials, such as pumps, tanks, growing mediums, and nutrient solutions, for optimal plant growth.

Complete & Maintenance

Completing a Hydroponic system involves regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning, sterilization, nutrient replenishment, and plant pruning for optimal growth.

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Our Mission: is to provide our customers with responsive service and unsurpassed quality a very competitive price.
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    All I can say is wow! Very professional and good at what they do! I highly recommend it!
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    Prince Kumar


    They build for us  a terrace garden which we have been runing it for 3 years now .Its completly value for money.

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    What a wonderful team they have. The world needs more such people .Thank you hydroponic services.

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